Cando Deluxe Stability Ball Chair


Cando Deluxe Stability Ball Chair

Cando Deluxe Stability Ball Chair


Price: $100.16

This Cando deluxe stability ball chair includes both armrests and a five wheel base. Besides the convenience of detachable armrests, the base is designed for added durability and accommodating heavier people.

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Those looking for a great balance ball chair replacement will certainly enjoy this deluxe stability ball chair by Cando.  Unlike ordinary balance ball chairs, this model includes armrests, which are ideal for those that want this feature available to them while seated.  However, the armrests may be easily removed and the chair used without them.

This Cando deluxe stability ball chair includes:

Five leg base with locking rear casters
55cm fitness ball (can accommodate balls up to 85cm)
Adjustable and removable back rest
300lb seated weight capacity

It is important to note that there are other similar looking models to this Cando deluxe stability ball chair.  Such “knockoffs” lack the same design quality and features as this particular model.  Consumers should be aware of the Cando brand and know that other similar looking brands have not received nearly as many positive reviews as this model.

As with most balance ball chairs, this stability ball chair will help to strengthen your core muscles and alleviate back pain.  The armrests are a nice feature for some, but in many cases office workers tend to use their desks to rest their arms on.  With that in mind, being able to remove the armrests on this chair may prove beneficial to those that are undecided on whether they should use the armrests or not.

Conclusion Rating
3 stars
4 stars
Medical Effectiveness
4 stars
Customer Satisfaction
3 stars

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